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We aim to invest with the goal of achieving a financial return and a positive impact on society and the environment by focusing 100% on sustainable investments.


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Who is Penstable?

Penstable is a Danish startup specializing in sustainable investments in the pension space. We are building a robo-advisor for pension savings exclusively based on sustainable and responsible investments. Our product is based on a digital platform that allows users to track financial aspects such as return on investments and their total savings as well as the positive impact that their pension savings can have on their cause of choice.

How does Penstable differ from existing alternatives?

We are building a solution exclusively based on sustainable and responsible investments. That means no investments in coal, weapons and tobacco. On the other hand, it means plenty of solar power, wind energy and investments in health. Furthermore, we are building a one-of-a-kind platform where you can not only see what you can expect financially, but also how your investments are having a positive environmental and societal impact.

Why pensions?

Our pension savings represent one of the largest resources available for investments. Sadly, our pensions are currently often invested in harmful and irresponsible assets that erode our planet and society. We want to change that. Our core principle is the ground-breaking idea that the value of your senior years depends much more on the world around you than the number on your bank account.

When do you launch?

We understand that you can’t wait, but we need a few more months. We aim to launch Penstable in Denmark in early 2018. Any product or service will require approval from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

I want to hear more

We are always happy to hear from you. Email us at nfj@penstable.dk and hear more.

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