Meet our team.

Our mission is to save the world
– one pension at a time.

  • Toke Friborg
    Toke Friborg IT strategy & Infrastructure
  • Pia Lyck Festersen
    Pia Lyck Festersen Front End
  • Niels Fibæk Jensen
    Niels Fibæk Jensen CEO
  • Morten Bruun
    Morten Bruun Product & Marketing
  • Lasse Kristensen
    Lasse Kristensen UX and Design
  • Johan Emil Rasmussen
    Johan Emil Rasmussen Investments
  • Jens Wandel
    Jens Wandel Sustainability & Impact
  • Helen Kobæk
    Helen Kobæk Pension market & Legal
  • Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang
    Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang Operations
  • Alexander Harrington
    Alexander Harrington Technology
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