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We are Penstable, a startup based in Copenhagen. We work hard to create an alternative to your pension. Our core principle is the ground-breaking idea that the value of your senior years depends much more on the state of the world around you than on the number on your bank account.


The Problem

Pension savings represent the single largest pool of funds available for investments in Denmark, where they total more than €500BN Euro and make up 197% of GDP. Our savings provide an immense opportunity for investing in productive and sustainable assets such as green energy, medicine or sustainable agriculture. Sadly, the opportunity is squandered and a large share of our pension savings continue to erode the planet we will be living on in our senior years.

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3. Follow Your Investments and their Impact

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Our Solution

By creating the first member-owned and sustainable pension company we aim to channel pension savings towards productive use. We will use new technological opportunities to showcase the impact of investing pension savings responsibly, while ensuring a transparent system that will give you a clear overview of their pension funds. Our vision is to bring the pension sector into the era of the shared economy and utilize our biggest pool of private resources for our shared benefit – not only for financial markets.

Penstable Existing Solutions Difference
Annual Costs 1.0% 1.0-1.5% 0 – 0.5% cheaper
Expected Return on Investment Market level Market level Same expected return
Climate impact Positive Negative Greener portfolio
Risk of stranded assets None Significant Reduced risk
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